3 December 2018 · Welcome ·

Welcome to Haroun's Blog

C👋 Welcome, it's great to have you here.

I know that first impressions are important, So Before continue reading There are

A few things you should know upfront:

  1. This blog is a personal blog and doesn't have any advertising or commercial purposes.
  2. Here i share new technologies am using and learning, Daily basis technical challenges and how i manage to deal with'em and my personal life style and stories -maybe you won't like this part xD -.
  3. I'm not the best writer and i don't want to be, so if you found my words and grammar not that good, sorry for that and i would be really happy to get your feedback.

Finally, Please remember this is unprofitable work and it's a personal blog. So, in case of you are interested in subscribing for my newsletter am not going to spam you and won't use your email for any commercial purposes, -Maybe you won't hear from me for a while :D -.

Next up, the editor

Wait for the upcoming stories and, Am excited :)

By the way, once you're done reading, Thanks! :)